Don’t know where to start?

I get it! Believe me! But you’re in the right place lovely! The Journal Fam and I are here for you!


I got just the thing for you my fellow journaler!

I decided to organize all the tips, tricks, and resources I have learned from my time studying Psychology at U.C. Berkeley to get my BA to the years of getting to know myself in the pages of my journal and put it here for all of you (but also for me)! You can say that this website has become my journal about all things journaling! 😂

I knew I needed to share this with you because deep down in my heart & soul I know that every single one of us can benefit from a journaling practice and the BIGGEST factor stopping us from seeing it for ourselves is our belief in the misconceptions around journaling.

This site contains everything you need to start your journaling habit, stick to it, and reap the domino effect of benefits that will come as a result!

Welcome on this journey, a journey I call #SELFSPIRATION! I am so excited to be on it with you!

Now let’s go conquer the world like the queens we are!

Journaling 101

Freebie Vault

Want to give digital journaling a try before actually committing to the practice? The freebie vault is the perfect starting point! With a free digital notebook, journal pages and more! You can access the vault here, with the password!

Journaling Inspo

Journal Prompts

Check out this consistently updated database of journal prompts you can use in your own journals! Whether you are making them for personal use or to share with the world, they are here for you and YOUR journey!

Journaling Challenges

Journal Challenges

You have stumbled on the ULTIMATE challenge database to gamify your journaling journey! Whether you need a challenge to boost your productivity, self-confidence, self-worth, etc… These challenges are where the growth is at!

Best way to start: Ask yourself why you want to journal

Is it to Increase Productivity?

Is it to Clear Your Mind?

Is it to Visualize Your Ideal Life?

Happy Journaling! Love Kels

Is it to Check In With Yourself?

Is it to Recognize Your Worth?


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