My Story
Hi! Kels Here!
I am so excited that you are considering diving into the powerful world of digital journaling! Whether it's the journal pages I create, the live journal space I host on Twitter every Wednesday, or the journal I am currently filling out myself - I eat, sleep, and breathe journaling!
Growing up the big, tall, and awkward girl in a California middle and high school brought with it painful memories of rejection and backstabbing. Which, no surprise, lead to the development of my self-criticizing intrusive thoughts. I didn't really feel like I belonged anywhere so I retreated to my safe space a lot, my bedroom. I was lucky enough to grow up with amazing parents but my social and romantic life was pathetic to say the least! So, I turned to my journal to help me deal with my problems because I didn't really feel like I could trust anyone else (even though my poor mom did try, bless her heart).
Even as I grew up and actually made friends I never poured my heart out. I always kept it protected for fear of rejection. It wasn't until after I graduated college and started adulting that I realized I didn't know anything about myself! Even 10 years later my solution was the same, I turned to journaling! Journaling is a powerful tool that can be used during any stage of your life! Which is why I decided to launch this store! To share my journaling treasure chest with all of you!
What They Say
Thank you for the journal, I'm obsessed with it. It has really helped with my sleep. I highly recommend this journal! I journal in it every single night!

The new Bedtime Reflections Journal is a versatile gem. It comes in a number of colors and formats. You can purchase it in hard copy, as a iPad pencil format or pdf version you can type directly in.

I’m grateful to Kelly for creating such a beautiful & useful digital journal! I can customize it the way I want, & reuse it as well. There’s plenty of journaling space, & the affirmations & prompts give me something positive & worthwhile to focus on each day. Kelly’s journal is well put together.


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