Design Your Own Journal

Stop wasting time trying to
stick to a journal that doesn’t work for you
or scour the internet for the “perfect” journal…

Design it yourself!

Because, let’s be real babe…
Only you know what’s best!

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The Journal Starter Kit!

Design Your Own Journal

Because, let’s be real babe…
Only you know what’s best!

Freebie Vault

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password to the vault!

New Addition

The Journal Starter Kit!



By repetitively connecting with yourself through journaling you are strengthening your inner belief that you are someone worthy of love, support, & commitment!


When you develop the habit of checking in on yourself regularly you start strengthening your self discpline by holding yourself accountable to your dreams!


The more you connect with yourself, the more you begin to see just how fabulous you are. You’ll be more confident in your abilities and values, because you own them!


I use my journal as a multipurpose tool to enhance my life, no matter what chapter of my life I am on!

Which means one month I may want to track a lot of habits because I am making a major shift and another month I need help processing my emotions because it’s just a lot. So each month I start with a fresh canvas, adding whatever pages I need when I need them.

This approach has helped me commit to this habit because I don’t feel like I am restricted by a specific design. Plus since it’s digital, I can access it anywhere on anything so I always have it when I need it (because inspiration hits at the weirdest moments LOL).

I use my digital journal as my second brain! It’s my accountability partner, the place where I dive deep into my thoughts and ideas, the place I go to connect with myself, the place where I let my creativity out to play! It’s become the ultimate self healing & productivity tool and I have made this site a place where you can learn how to do it too!


I share my journals as a Canva link AND digital download so you can use it right away but you can also take the original template and customize it as you please! And the more of my journals you get the more you can mix and match them to build your own digital journal or planner!

Change the way you journal and watch how this simple shift changes your life!


Starting to make sense why I am so addicted to this powerful self-care habit huh? LOL!

If I am speaking your language, then welcome to my little piece of digital journaling paradise babe! I am so happy you’re here!

If you made it this far, I have a challenge for you… start your own blank canvas in your very own digital journal!

Seriously, I have a freebie vault dedicated to ensure nothing stops you from starting this powerful habit from here on out! you can check out the vault by subscribing below and joining the journal fam! I’m looking forward to meeting you! 

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